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Young Learner Classes

English classes for young learners are held on Saturday mornings and also during the school holidays.

There are classes for two age groups:

Young Learners Classes for children between 8 and 11 years. In this class  the focus is on  stories, songs, games and  activities

Young Teens Class for young people aged between 12 and 15 years. In this class there are  lots of communication activities based on interesting topics to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing

Children who attend  should  be attending an English medium school and  should have a good  knowledge of English

The aim of the courses is to bring English to life!

The courses will be packed with fun things  to do such as activities, songs, poems, rhymes, stories and games for younger children and discussions and debates for older children

By making learning enjoyable children will become motivated to learn and will get the chance to use English in a real  and fun way. In this way children will learn good English pronunciation and effective  communication skills

The coordinator / instructor for Young Learner classes is  Angshuk Bhowmik , an experienced teacher and teacher trainer who previously worked as a teacher of young learners at the British Council in Calcutta

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