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Teacher training courses

RTC teacher training courses focus on two main areas:

  • English Language improvement for teachers
  • English teaching methodology

Courses vary accord to:

  • language ability
  • teaching level (Early Years, Primary Secondary or College level)
  • areas of specialization (for example, are the participants English teachers or do they teach other subjects through the medium of English)

The course are taught on a modular basis, each module being for two hours.

Course content can therefore vary according to the requirements of a particular group
Teaching modules

Teaching methodology sessions focus on communicative language teaching and adopt a communicative approach: the sessions are conducted as workshops which provide participants with lots of opportunities to take an active role and practise English

The topics of methodology sessions vary according to the level being taught.

Here are some of the topics covered at the primary level:

  1. Class reading
  2. Getting the Reading Habit
  3. Handwriting Skills
  4. Basic Reading Skills
  5. Using Games
  6. Using Songs
  7. Organising Group Work
  8. Pair Work
  9. Using Poems / Rhymes
  10. Drama
  11. Movement in the Class

Secondary level topics include:

  • Project Work
  • Reading Skills
  • Teaching Writing
  • Speaking Skills
  • Preparing for Exams

The language improvement sessions are closely linked to syllabus items the teachers themselves have to teach and employ the methodology they are expected to adopt

The course therefore adopts a communicative approach that is interactive and involves participation and problem solving through group and pair work, games and activities.

There are three levels

  • Lower intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
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