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The current fees  for classes at RTC are listed here :

IELTS (30 hours)9,300
IELTS Intermediate (20 hours)6,500
IELTS Speaking (15 hours)4,750
IELTS Writing (15 hours)5,500
General English (20 hours)6,750
Elementary Speaking3,750
Intermediate Speaking3,750
Advanced Speaking3,750
Presentation Skills (15 hours)6,000
Report Writing (30 hours)9,500
Professional Writing (20 hours)6,500
Teacher Training (20 hours)6,500

These charges are inclusive of all course books, study materials and access to  other RTC resources

Courses which are designed for an individual group (“custom made courses”) are charged at the rate of 4,000 rps an hour. This charge  inclusive of all the costs of preparing  and conducting the course